Ludovic Bernhardt is a visual artist and writer. He was born in France and is of Irish descent; he is currently living and working in Paris, after having worked in Istanbul and Lisbon. Just after being graduated from Le Fresnoy contemporary art Studio, (teacher: Sarkis) he spent several months in India in Indo-Tibetan Himalaya, Spiti valley & Dravidian Tamil Nadu, where he has discovered Buddhism and Tibetan Art; then he started to create a work which focuses on geo-cultural identities, cartographies, and political signs. Since this period he has produced various installations, objects, paintings, texts and graphics - meditative diagrams, anxiolytics yantras, pills design, military codes, disturbed borders - to explore some psycho-geo-political problematics with the help of political philosophy (Hobbes, Schmitt, Clausewitz, Joxe...). He lived and worked during 6 years between Istanbul and Paris, and came back to Paris in 2016.

     In parallel of his artworks, he investigates some novels and writing experimentations (with the French language), such as The dormant colony, Inversion or Topology of a dream (work in progress) novels, about topology & wandering.

    In 2016 he created a self-publication book collection named (Global)*Z, presented in the Multiple Art Days in Paris.

     He is an artist represented by the Sanatorium gallery in Istanbul, and collaborate with SCAG gallery in Vienna. He has often collaborated with the art initiative space Plateforme in Paris and has participated in several exhibitions and Art Fairs in France, Turkey, Austria, Poland, India, Switzerland, Portugal, China & Greece. He was the curator of the exhibition Hyphologie showing French and Turkish contemporary artists in Istanbul. He currently collaborates with his wife, the French Spanish artist Luz Blanco.



The dormant colony

The Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul

Solo exhibition.


Drones, pills & yantras, 2014

Solo exhibition. Exhibition view.

The Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul

24 indian lakes, in Inside, 2015

Solo exhibition. IIC, New Delhi

Exhibition view


4 tibetan lakes, 2014

Exhibition view




Military drones video footages on detergent bootles, 2014

The Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul

Exhibition view



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